Hawaiian Herb Girl

After running around town all day I'm finally at home sitting on the deck, feeling a light cool breeze and a few tiny rain drops on my skin. Yesterday we ran a little mission into Waialua to get some herbs, edible and flowering plants to garden with. At the end of a dirt road we found a little patch of sunshine and heaven. We picked out a few herbs and some calendula and another type of marigold to help the soil and found a nice little cherry tomato starter that will hopefully bare fruit soon for us to chow down on. After navigating the craziness that is Honolulu it was so nice today to get back to our little cottage in Pupukea and get into some loamy home made soil and get planting (with a little assistance from our neighbor's dog Blue, kind of the Fonzie of our house).

   photos and text  by christian cook   rushtorelax.com

photos and text  by christian cook rushtorelax.com