Life on Film is But a Dream



This is a story about film.



The first day I met Christian, he brought his little black point and shoot. Now, those photos hang from our shared walls. We still constantly take photos together and just the other day, decided to document our most recent photo adventure. As a little toast to film, here's a little photo story from us.


All prepped up and off we went...

After shooting around the house and playing outside with Blue, we cozied up inside until the sun was just about to set. It's funny, even the geckos seem to get a little pensive around that time. 

Before losing the last light, Christian got to his usual magic. Him developing and explaining every bit of the process; me just trying to follow along. It still amazes me just how deeply his knowledge flows, especially in art.

The careful swishing and washing was finally complete and the result? A beautiful strand of recent memories. Black and white, strong and contrasty, but still our world--gritty, yet dreamy in the field of our love ♡

Words and photos by Tommy // Film photography by Christian Cook